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2013 Public Safety Task Force Members Dennis Smith, Deb Tracy-Proulx, Renee Golder, and Kim Stoner

“Back in 2013, our City was facing an unparalleled public safety crisis. We had experienced a series of violent crimes culminating with the murder of two of our police officers and were facing the real impacts of a rising opioid and methamphetamine epidemic. Led by then-Mayor Hilary Bryant, our community came together to convene a citizen task force to explore the root causes of our public safety issues and come up with solutions. Susie, an engineer working in the City’s Water Department, was brought on to facilitate our work. She did so with integrity, transparency, and empathy, and guided our work and discovery flawlessly, no small feat for anyone, much less for someone with a technical background. Since that time, Susie has continued to spend her career leaning into every tough challenge with a compassionate heart. We, as members of that 2013 Public Safety Task Force, are honored to support Susie and believe she’ll bring an exceptional skill set to her work on City Council.”

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