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My Commitments


Susie hosting Monterey County and City of Salinas officials who were interested in implementing the Downtown Accountability Program in their jurisdictions.

Lean in to the most vexing problems facing the City.

The City faces an affordability crisis, climate-change impacts, a housing shortage, and a humanitarian crisis with our unhoused population. I have a long track record of taking on our community’s most challenging issues by building coalitions, developing realistic plans, and executing pragmatic and proven solutions. I will push to ensure the City continues to make progress on these core issues.

Be an experienced leader for District 5.

District 5 is the most geographically diverse in the City. The District includes the UC, a wildland open space (Pogonip), a large regional park and sports complex (Harvey West), industrial centers, a coastal watershed (San Lorenzo), single-family homes, multifamily housing units, artists’ live/work spaces, a mobile home park, a homeless resource center, and even a state park. It will take an experienced and skilled leader to understand and represent the needs of these disparate constituencies, and I will hit the ground running to advocate for all of District 5 from day one. 

Be a staunch advocate for UCSC students, faculty and staff.

I have had strong ties to the university for over 17 years. Currently living on campus with a child of my own attending a high cost-of-living UC, I am keenly aware of the UCSC experience. I plan on creating new opportunities for community connection for UCSC District 5 voters, predominantly first-year dorm residents that will soon be moving off-campus and confronting a daunting rental market. My commitment to UCSC students, faculty and staff won’t stop when the campaign is done.  

Ensure every Santa Cruz family can access our community’s resources and opportunities.

A thriving community supports and uplifts each resident and family. Raising children in Santa Cruz is challenging for families with resources; it’s nearly impossible for families without them. The city provides important programs, such as summer and after-school programs, that help young families thrive. I am committed to investing in our youngest residents to ensure the long-term vitality of our community.

Provide exceptional City services to all Santa Cruz residents.

City services touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Whether it be providing accessible and safe bike lanes, robust recreation and social safety-net programs, vibrant public spaces, or effective business services, our residents deserve an efficient and responsive city government. I will leverage my long history as a City employee to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation with a commitment to making City services the very best they can be.

Uplift and engage the City’s rich arts culture at the Tannery and beyond.

Vibrant communities recognize the cultural significance of their local art economy. Santa Cruz is home to a rich and engaged arts community, many living and creating at District 5’s Tannery Arts Center. I am committed to helping recognize the arts and artists as valuable contributors to civic life and making the Tannery a priority City investment.

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