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“As a former District 5 River Street Camp employee, Downtown Streets Team member, and now proud City employee, Susie has had a profound impact on me. In establishing the first River Street Camp five years ago, Susie took a leap of faith and hired me along with dozens of other unhoused individuals to help run this new program. Since that time, unhoused workers have been employed by both the City and the County to help construct and run shelter and shuttle programs during the pandemic and continue to be part of the workforce today. Susie helped make that shift with local government employers, changing perceptions of how our unhoused neighbors can be part of the workforce. I have since risen through the ranks, earning a full-time position with the City, am housed and a contributing member of the Santa Cruz community. I have Susie to thank for helping me in this journey. I have no doubt that her direct experience with our unhoused community will be exceptionally helpful if she is elected to Council.”

Former Downtown Streets Team Member Dora Berlanga

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